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‘No one ever said it was going to be easy, but it will be worth it’

Supporting CEOs and Directors through one-to-one coaching and mentoring


Leadership is getting harder and lonelier.  As we work through the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on businesses and organisations, the pressure to make the right call, the right choice and deliver organisational success has never been greater.  There are times when Chief Executives, Directors and senior managers need the opportunity and the support to reflect on and consider how they respond to these challenges in confidence.  Increasingly leaders are finding that a confidential 1-1 coaching and mentoring environment enables them to think through these challenges and maintain high performance. 

Cedi is an accredited Coach and Mentor. For more information and details of Cedi’s coaching and mentoring programmes, please go to


One-to-One Coaching

Increasingly, organisations and businesses recognise that their success is founded on and delivered by middle managers and supervisors and the ‘Return on Investment’ of developing  this group of  delivers measurable benefits in the quality and consistency of service delivered, the retention and performance of staff and ultimately the bottom line.


Article Consulting provides management and leadership development training, mentoring and coaching specifically aimed at middle managers and supervisors through one-day courses and our bespoke ‘Elevate MDP’™ and ‘Elevate+ MDP’™ 6 module leadership and management development programmes.

Manager Support

Contact Cedi to discuss your requirements

Supporting Board, Chief Executives and Executive Teams - Strategic and Business Planning, business development and growth


Turning blue or even grey sky thinking into measurable and workable plans is often described as ‘where the rubber hits the road’ and can be a challenge that many organisations struggle to achieve when busy executives are dealing with the day-to-day management challenges that all organisations face. 


Article can support Boards and Executive Teams to plan their organisation’s course through an increasingly changing and challenging operating environment.  Article can design and facilitate Board and Executive Team strategic planning sessions as well as provide hands-on advice and support to busy executives to draft strategic and business plans. 

Business Planning

Contact Cedi to discuss your requirements

Contact Cedi to discuss your requirements


Following the establishment of a successful partnership with the Judgement Index in the development of our highly respected and well received ‘In Our Own Words’ research and report, I am really pleased to let you know that after an intensive two days of training, I am now a Judgement Index accredited consultant.


I am now able to provide my coaching, mentoring and corporate clients with the Judgement Index online assessment and analysis to support recruitment and personal development.


Organisations across all sectors will use all manner of personality and other assessments to support their recruitment efforts, and after a 40 year career, I’ve done most of them, but I can assure you, none are as powerful and insightful as the Judgement Index.


What is the Judgement Index? Well, put simply it’s an online assessment that takes around 15 minutes and provides a measure of a person’s value system and capacity for good judgement. The Judgement Index is slowly transforming recruitment, retention and staff development in the social care sector.

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